This has been an eventful year for Gryffin to say the least. He completed The Gravity Tour, released his debut studio album Gravity, got married, and completed the Gravity II Tour. Yea, what a year.

Gryffin has become a household name across the EDM scene for at least the past 2 years, initially making his debut around 2016. Since then, his growth has been exponential, linking with some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and singers for some amazing collaborations. With his continuous roll of success and progression, I went into the Gravity II show with extremely high expectations; I was not disappointed.

Opening to his hit collaboration with SLANDER “All You Need to Know”, he immediately had the audience shouting at the lyrics at the top of their lungs. It was in this moment you could see the passion of his audience and you could anticipate what kind of evening this was going to be. After what seemed like 30 minutes of non-stop bouncing, he broke out of the heavy energy mold, and got intimate with the crowd by performing an acoustic rendition of “Heading Home”, one of his first singles back in 2016. With a run time over an hour, Gryffin closed out the evening with “Whole Heart” which perfectly encapsulated his evening at the House of Blues in Anaheim.

Gravity II was far from just a DJ set, this was a full-on musical performance with Gryffin playing a plethora of instruments. Dan truly has the ability to bring his music to life through a combination of energy, emotion, and talent.

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