With Agenda & Liberty Trade Show taking place in early 2019, we got a glimpse of some newcomer brands, some familiar faces, and some insane concepts. Here’s a recap of what we saw:

JJ Grant

This NYC brand embodies heavy influence through storytelling through their designs by incorporating graphics printed on high quality garments.


Slushcult put on a unique exhibit for Agenda. Taking it back to the 90’s, it was reminiscent of how some of our bedrooms would look like, messy, colorful, random, it was a trip down memory lane.

Bricks & Wood

With Los Angeles roots, Bricks & Woods always carries a clean look to their displays. The simplicity of the booth helped show what they wanted, their photography and their clothes.


Although a relatively new brand, their booth design was well displayed and told a story of rescue in an apocalyptic setting. Their upcoming season is accompanied by this rescue theme, featuring their unique take on safety jackets, pepper spray, and much more.

Love Closely

An East meets West brand that bridges the gap between Toronto to the Middle East. Their clothes take a lot of influence from the founder, Falah’s roots and tells a story of culture and passion to pursue the arts that are important to us.

Naked and Famous

It’s rare to see a non-Japanese brand impact the raw denim community, but Canadian label Naked and Famous has become a signature brand. They produce some of the wildest pants ever made.


A staple in outerwear, Napapijri is making a statement in North America and plans on bringing their classic European taste to us.

Never Made

Nothing in this life comes easy. That’s the mindset and philosophy of graphic designer Francisco Reyes, Jr. Through Never Made, Francisco articulates on the principle of hard work and grit.

Nothing Icons Forever

Los Angeles based clothing brand set out to represent today’s society with attitude and no discretion. Nothing Icons Forever shares their story of today through their tech and industrial designs, representing the moment of unmatched presence.

Wild Kind

Based out of Brooklyn, Wildkind is uniquely stirring up the industry by blending fashion with wildlife nature. The outlandish and loud designs aims to capture the attention of people while helping them contribute to a bigger cause by supporting major animal organizations worldwide.

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