It’s finally cold but not too cold. We’re back with more fits to help draw inspiration on for the fall. Please note that this guide is intended to just provide inspirations on styles, not to be copied in its entirety. Or if you don’t like the fits, use this video as guide of what not to wear, it’s up to you.

“If she pull up with the 3 stripes”

Adidas Crop-Top: Ideal for a morning where we pretend we’re working out, but are actually just stretching.

Adidas Track Pants: Track pants have dominated most of 2018 and they’re still going strong, and we all know, the baggier the pants the better the fit.

Adidas Gazelles: Last year, everyone was asking “where the yeezy’s at?” This year, we’re moving back to the classics. Superstars are too bulky, but Gazelle’s are the perfect low profile.

Adidas Faux Leather Backpack: The ideal backpack to hold your analog camera.

“Runners Club”

Maybe he’s a runner, maybe he isn’t, but he sure looks like it.

Champion x Kith Double Logo Tee: Okay, this isn’t the ideal shirt to break a sweat in, but every company and their mothers have a collaboration with Champion, so it’s only right we showcase one of the best collaborative efforts out there.

Nike Running Shorts: There’s a short and then there’s too short, don’t go too short.

Stance NBA Socks: So what if Stance doesn’t sponsor the NBA anymore? The socks are still comfortable.

Nike Flyknit Trainers: Kanye made these impossible to buy in 2014, but Nike did the sensible thing and brought them back for consumers.

“Runners Club pt. 2”

No one’s actually a runner

Kith x Columbia Keg Fleece: Is Columbia cool? Well, it doesn’t matter cause Kith is.

Nike Running Shorts:  He went too short on these.

Nike Leggings: Thankfully he covered up his legs with these ¾ leggings.

Nike Epic React: Nike’s new-ish line of sole is supposedly great for running, but we can’t verify that because we don’t really run. But they’re great for walking.


Khaki Crop-Top: Maybe the top portion of the outfit isn’t very techwear, but the khaki top provides a break from the teachwear vibes.

Zara Bodysuit: Essentially just a black top

NikeLab Men’s Cargo Pants: NikeLab might be the most elite part of Nike. The moment you put on a NikeLab garment, your confidence level increases by +20. All facts.

Nike 1 Reimagined AF1 Sage: Air Forces have made a comeback in 2018, from Travis Scott to Virgil Abloh, everyone’s rocking them, so it’s only right that we did too.

“I don’t think I’m a Hypebeast”

Supreme Gonz Tee: Yes, a Supreme shirt just in time for the new season

Black Uniqlo Chinos: A pair of black pants is essential to everyone’s closet. It’s probably the safest option when you’re not sure what works.

Black Cement Jordan III’s: The original Jordan silhouettes will forever remain a classic and the black cement colorway is iconic. But the part that truly matters is that Phong knows how to rollerblade.

“For Sure a Hypebeast”

Off-White Football Top: Alright, this part doesn’t matter cause you can’t see any Off-White branding, we were just looking for an oversized top.

Pacsun Distressed Denim Shorts: Just generic denim shorts, they’re kind of skinny, so size up or you’re gonna look like you’re headed to Warped Tour.

Nike Air Max “Sean Wotherspoon” 97/1: Quite possibly the most hype shoes this past year. The colors work great for the beginning of fall, before it gets too cold.  

“Actually Girl’s Night Out”

Reformation Jumpsuit: For those nights out that you wanna be a bit fancy but not too fancy. A night where you go to a nice bar and buy a $20 cocktail.

Zara Leather Jacket: Saint Laurent is cool and all, but Zara is affordable.

Thrifted Buckle Boots: Sneakers ain’t approved for all events.

“Grease 3”

Palace Denim Zip Funnel Jacket: Perfect when it’s kind of chilly out, plus there are various pockets to put your comb.

White Tee: Could be AAA, could be Pro Club, could be Fear of God. But we’ll never know nor will we care, it’s just a white tee.

Uniqlo Khaki Chinos: A basic pair of chinos, another closet essential. The pinroll adds some spizzazz to it though.

Vans Dahlia Old Skools: Red? Maroon? I’m not sure, but it definitely switches it up from a classic colorway of Old Skools

“Are those Sandals?”

Guess x Sean Wotherspoon Farmers Market: Some button up, but you could probably find a similar fitting one at a thrift shop, for a fraction of the price.

Uniqlo Black Chinos: Yes, we really like these.

Suicoke x Palm Angels: If people can wear Tevas and Birkenstocks, why do Suicokes get questioned.

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