As festival season approaches, we’ve compiled a few outfits for you all to draw inspirations from. Please note that this guide is not intended to be taken or copied in its entirety, some of these pieces are far from budget-friendly. We were lucky enough to have friends that let us borrow some of these pieces to showcase.

“Hawaiian Shirts are Played Out-fit”

Public Enemy x Supreme Rayon Button-Up
There’s no doubt that floral/Hawaiian-button ups are some of the most played out tops to wear to festivals. Try looking for something a little more obscure. The Supreme x Public Enemy collaboration included the perfect button-up, which features a repeating Public Enemy logo and a breathable rayon material.

Topman Cropped Denim – Washed Black
Okay, I know some festivals are too hot for denim, but these jeans are extremely lightweight and breathable. It’ll keep your legs clear from the dirt that people are kicking up. Cropped denim has always been the go to option for the Spring/Summer time and they accent perfectly with a low-cut sneaker.

Vans Authentics
Not much explanation here, Vans Authentics are a staple in every SoCal persons wardrobe. They’re essential for any festival if you’re not trying to fuck up your Yeezy’s.

Oliver Peoples
Don’t go out spending hundreds on designer glasses for the festival, get a cheap pair from Target. They have a large selection. I didn’t actually wear these shades to Coachella, I just found some round and obnoxious shades from Target for $15.

“90’s are for Millenials”

Guess Striped Tee
Guess x A$AP tops are played out, but Guess has a huge selection of tees with various colors. Find a more lowkey colorway so you don’t end up like everyone else that overspent for a striped tee. We chose a rust colorway to keep the whole outfit muted.

Uniqlo Skinny Denim
Yes, we picked denim again for this outfit. But we cuffed them up so it’s acceptable.

Vans Authentics
Phong’s Authentics were much cleaner than mine.

Supreme Waist Bag
Having a side bag is absolutely essential at festivals. It’s perfect for your Vick’s vapor rub and Emergen-C. This is the Supreme waist bag that released this past season, which features a repeating strap pattern.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
We had a friend let us borrow these shades for the shoot, but he didn’t let us borrow them to Coachella.

“Is Jerry Lorenzo Considered Designer?”

Fear of God Tank Top
You could pick out any slightly elongated tank top for this look. I would avoid going for the scallop tank tops. You’ll look like the only store you shop at is Pacsun.

Supreme x Sasquatchfabrix Hanten Coat
Having a lightweight jacket is extremely useful during Coachella if you have the storage for it. I picked out an elongated, olive coat to keep up with the muted tones.

Topman Jeans
Yes, again.

Common Projects Achilles
I didn’t want to wear Vans again for a second outfit. Luckily, my Common Projects are extremely beat so I don’t pay too much attention to them.

“Rich but Affordable”

Saint Laurent Hawaiian Shirt
Yes, we included a Hawaiian shirt in here. They might be played out, but find one with a unique pattern to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Seriously, just go thrifting. You’re bound to find something different. Just wash it.

Uniqlo Chino Shorts
We like to dabble with budget fashion. Uniqlo shorts are the way to go. They’re the perfect length. Long enough to not look like you’re in a frat, but short enough so you’re not rocking JNCO jeans.

Vans Authentics
One more time.

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